Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Crafts Fair,Bazaars  or jewelry exhibitions....

 Call it whatever you want, 
but it's one intimidating event. 
Especially for the vendors. So much 
forethought, work, and time 
to put forth for a few days, 
or maybe even hours.
Toronto bead society spring fair(May 26-27th) is going to be my Third Fair since i started my to sell my jewelry online.
Although many jewelry artist have told me in the past that they do not find these fairs useful i have the most fun in them
Not Only do I get to do what i love the most (make jewelry ) but i get to meet the most wonderful people at these places:Buyers,Art and craft lovers and Other wonderful artists. 
Meeting so many other people trying to follow their dreams inspires me and boosts my confidence.
My First Fair
For others out there i would definitely recommend trying  it out at least once.On that note i would like to share with all of you a basic check list for any jewelry show.a checklist should include everything that you're going to need for your show.Dont leave anything to memory because your going to have your hands full with lots of things.

Basic Check List:

Lights Needed                   Food
Price Tags                         Extra wire or jewelry supplies    
Bulbs                                 Gas in car
Stamps & Stapler              Jewelry displays
Small Tables                      50 Ft Electrical Cord
Business Cards                 Extra note book  
Order Forms                     Calculators                         
Receipt Pads                    Charge card slips                    
Jewelry boxes                   Checkbooks                            
Plastic Bags                      $100 in bills (bank)                 
Windex & Towels              Cell Phone                              
Table Cloths                      Banner                                   
Phone Pad                        Jewelry Cleaner                     
Invoices                             Mirrors                                 
Pen & Scissors                 Ring Mandrel                           
Catalog                              Ring Sizer                              
Roller Tape                       Gram Scale

and more important of all :YOUR JEWELRY

If any one wants more information on craft shows or displays feel free to leave a message for me in the comments and i shall write another post

Wish me luck for my upcoming Jewelry show and if anyone is in Toronto please come to the  Fair :)


  1. Great checklist! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good luck and have a wonderful time.

  3. Great list for all the jewelry makers,
    good luck with your event!

  4. Great check list and good luck at your upcoming show! I just finished my first big one of the year and can totally relate! *Ü*

  5. Wishing you a fun filled, successful event!

  6. Great check list. Now I know all the supplies and materials you need to make this fair a hit!