Monday, 23 January 2012

Cousin's wedding and Custom earrings..

One thing Etsy has given me is a fan following among my family which of course means lots of family members asking for free Jewelry.For some reason that escapes me right now i started making custom jewelry for them for free and now here i am Hard at work 3 in the night making Custom Bridal earrings and necklace for my cousins up coming wedding.

I know this was probably not my smartest idea but its Her Wedding and its Her mothers pearls so HOW am i suppose to say no?Now im exhausted and i still have to Finish the necklace which is inspired by my Tatted Bridal necklace 

Wish me Good luck :)

Friday, 20 January 2012

Random Ramblings...

Well, I decided to jump right in and start a blog, I'm pretty nervous which is weird considering blogging is something said to be from my generation but then again i may have been born in the wrong era :P
People generally tell me i'm witty but right now i feel like its the first day of school or im standing on stage about to give a speech i hadn't prepared!lol
I think i'll just dive right in with my latest creations and hopefully begin my blog journey.