Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Gold plated Vs Gold Filled?

As a Jewelry designer one of the most difficult things in deciding what to make is what materials to use.I know many of my friends and myself have struggled with this issue a lot so i want to talk about it a little today on my blog.

In deciding what material to use it is important to first take into consideration the kind of customers you want to target and what you want your shop to portray.For most Jewelry artist starting of with Gold filled Wires and chains means a Huge Start-up Cost with no guarantees about the future Success Of their shop.More over i feel that with designs that require a lot of  wire like Wire Wrapped and Wire crochet necklaces it adds TOO much to the cost making it a High-end Product.For me that has always been a struggle because i want to make One of a Kind and Unique jewelry affordable for everyone but with the amount of time and effort that goes into each design it is difficult to keep the price too low.
First snow earrings 
For example with intricate designs like my First snow earrings i use fresh water pearls in Pink and Swarovski crystals.At this Point for me not to Use Sterling silver Ear wires would be moot.
Another thing to take into consideration would be the competition which is a struggle for many Jewelry artists i know.To keep their prices low and yet deliver high quality to beat the prices of others is a constant struggle for many.

It is my personal opinion based on many surveys that people want good quality at low price.I remember the first piece i ever made for my friend with Gold plated Wire similar to my Gold Paisley pendant.She told me she absolutely adored it but if she were to buy it she would want it to be Gold filled not plated.
IF anyone has more insight on the subject please leave a comment below:)


  1. I don't know anything about jewelry making but I do know I love those earrings! Perfect for a formal occasion!

  2. I agree the earrings are so pretty. I dont know much about jewelry but as a customer, price is my buying point. Im more likely to buy the set of earrings on sale for $10 made of cheap materials that look good/cute than I am to spend $30+ because it is gold. I dont really care about it being high end materials because I dont wear too much jewelry/not often except earrings and I love to keep them mixed up and always changing.

  3. I never used to use gold or silver plate but now, with the price of gold and silver soaring, I do. Still, I have more of a problem with gold plate because it seems to have a different 'look' to it than does the silver plate. Depends on what I'm making and how much I'm charging. I'd never put good stones or elements with the cheaper metals though. Not much middle ground there.

  4. Unique Cozy Treasures - Your jewelry is beautiful.

  5. I agree with Brittany, what I love about jewelry is how it makes me feel when I wear it; be it made of wood or gold! I sometimes pay more for items made of cheaper materials just because of their uniqueness.

  6. Second Rocky's emotion! Viva la beauty and quality of craftsman(woman)ship!